Cardinal Blogger Awards


The Cardinal Blogger Awards are an annual feature for the United Cardinals Bloggers, of which I am a member. After careful consideration (and no bribes from anyone, sadly) below are my choices for the awards.  I hope you as a reader took the opportunity to fill out your ballot and cast your votes for these awards.

Player of the Year.—Yadier Molina.  This one was a no brainer.

Pitcher of the Year— If Lance Lynn hadn’t faltered later in the season, this award would have gone to him, he has great stuff.  But, I give the award to Kyle Lohse, who was solid and gave the Cardinals what they needed from him.

Game of the Year— NLDS Game 5.  I am a sucker for 9th inning come backers.

Performance of the Year.— This one was a tough one.  I liked them all. Adam Wainwright‘s shut out of the Padres was surely the emotional performance of the year.  But, in a nod to the future, I give the award to Shelby Miller‘s first start against Cincinnati.

Surprise Player of the Year—  Jon Jay.  The guy was dazzling.

Disappointing Player of the Year—  I can’t fault Lance Berkman for getting hurt. That wouldn’t be fair.  Marc Rzepczynski gets my vote.   I love Scrabble, I hope he figures it out for next year.

Rookie of the Year— Matt Carpenter.  Not on the ballot but should have been.

Acquisition of the Year—Can’t choose between Beltran and Mujica.  Beltran gave us the offense we needed, but Mujica saved a faltering bullpen.  Tie.

Most Anticipated Cardinal— I want to see them all soon, and Michael Wacha to boot.  Most people will probably go with Taveras so I pick Wong just to be different.

Best Individual Cardinal Blog—On the Outside Corner.  Bob is my Facebook buddy.  I love his dogs.

Best Team Cardinal Blog—Pitchers Hit Eighth.

Best Media Blog—The Cardinal Nation Blog.  It never gets nominated but I’m going to keep voting for it.  You don’t know what you are missing.  I post there.  We get wild and crazy.

Best Rookie Cardinal Blog—StanGraphs

Post of the Year— Darryl Kile‘s Final Inning (Aaron Miles‘ Fastball)

Best UCB Project—I like the Roundtable, even though I don’t participate in it.

Most Optimistic Cardinal Blog—-What is there not to be optimistic about?  I guess if I have to pick one, I pick StanGraphs

Best UCB Podcast— Conversations with C70

Best UCB Twitter—Tie between @CardinalTales and @gr33nazn.  Though, Dennis unfollowed me for a while, so maybe I should take that back.

That concludes my ballot.  If I picked you, don’t get a big head.  My opinions are pretty unpopular.