Previewing new features at Redbird Rants


I hope everyone had a restful and joyous Thanksgiving weekend. I took a little time off of my normal posting schedule  to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the company of my family. I hope you all were able to do the same.

To make up for the quiet time at Redbird Rants over the holiday weekend, I will be starting a few new series. The first is the start of a four piece series I will be doing over the next month. Every Tuesday, starting tomorrow, I will look beyond the starting eight in the Cardinals lineup.

This week I will be looking at the infield. I will follow up next week by examining the Cards outfield. Week three I will look at the Cardinals backstops.

Part four will be a little bit different, as I break down the pitching staff and fill in the blanks beyond the starters already penciled in. This piece will focus on both the starting rotation and the bullpen.

The other new series will feature some historic Cardinals figures. This feature will run on Thursday’s and the first will be a feature on Curt Flood. The other historic Cardinals to be featured were chosen on our Facebook Page and will include Leo Durocher, the Dean Bros., Pepper Martin, and Jack Buck.

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