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Rumors – To the IDIOTS who were spreading rumors on the St. Louis Post Dispatch forum about David Freese getting injured in a drunk driving accident. GET A LIFE knuckleheads! If this were my podcast, I would use harsher language, but, since the podcast

May 8, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; St. Louis Cardinals outfielder

Carlos Beltran

(left) following victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

is in hiatus, I’ll use tamer language. Freese was in a car accident; he hit a tree to avoid hitting a deer.  He was unhurt and was not charged. Oh yeah…he missed the deer. On a related note, I didn’t see the need or the relevance for the Post Dispatch to print his entire vehicular history in the article. As a result, the article was at least 5 paragraphs longer than it needed to be and the extra info was just overkill.

Status on Furcal – Raphael Furcal’s elbow is completely healed and the should be ready for next season. That is really good news but, I think the Cards should look for a capable backup. Daniel Descalso was the backup and towards season end, Pete Kozma took over SS duties and Descalso went to second base. Descalso’s offense leaves something to be desired as an everyday player and I think Kozma may need an extra year to fine tune his offense.

Birthdays – Two Cardinal greats recently celebrated birthdays. Stan Musial is 92 and Bob Gibson is 77. Happy Belated Birthday guys!

Arbitration – The Cardinals have five players eligible for arbitration. Jason Motte, Mitchell Boggs, Ed Mujica, Marc Rzepczynski and David Freese.  The Cardinals have until Nov. 30 to offer them contracts. Not sure how arbitration works? Well, there’s not enough room for me to explain here but, go to this link for a good explanation of the arbitration process:

Not Cardinal baseball but… – This is totally unrelated to Cardinal baseball but hats off to the Grinell College player who scored 138 points in a recent game. Jack Taylor went 52-108 and his team scored 179 points in their victory.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday and be safe.