Musings from an Optimistic Redbird Fan


Big Mac gone – Well, the news has been mostly sour for the St. Louis Cardinals this week. Mark McGwire has informed the club he will be joining the Los Angeles Dodgers as their hitting coach. Now, ordinarily, I’d be pissed and call the player a “traitor” for leaving a club that he’s been with for so long; a player I consider bleeds Cardinal red.  But, in this instance, I understand why he’s leaving. He’s going home. Not only is he from California; his current wife and kids live there. I’m sure the past two seasons have been difficult being away from his family for extended periods. So, coaching for a team in California is a win for Big Mac but, a loss for Cardinal Nation.

Loss of another icon – Ernie Hays, the Cardinals organist for forty years died Oct 31. He learned to play the piano when he was seven but, didn’t read music. He played by ear. He also played for the NFL Cardinals, the St. Louis Blues, local pro soccer teams, the old Spirits of St. Louis basketball team and St. Louis University.

Golden Glove – Congratulations to Yadier Molina for winning his fifth Golden Glove award. He also had a stellar offensive season and I expect he’ll only get better. If there is a better overall or more durable catcher in major league baseball, tell me who.

Offer – Cards have tendered an offer to Kyle Lohse but not to Lance Berkman. Not sure what the terms or money amount may have been as I saw a tweet about it earlier today. May have more information tomorrow.

Nice Rumor – Here’s a nice rumor that I hope becomes fact. Apparently, there has been talk of Rick Ankiel returning to the mound as a pitcher. Since he’s not doing as well as a position player, he may give pitching another try. For those of you who doubt he still has the arm for it; let me remind you, he has the best arm for an outfielder in the major leagues. The only question will be returning to throwing “heat” on a regular basis. And yes, I hope the Cardinals give him a serious look.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice weekend.