Musings from an Optimistic Redbird Fan


Bitter end to season – I’m just now starting to get over the St. Louis Cardinals dismal performance in the NLCS. And while I didn’t vent in the same manner as some of Cardinal Nation, I was pretty pissed. I was pissed because the Cards did everything wrong! They couldn’t hit, couldn’t field, couldn’t pitch and their swagger was gone. We were embarrassed on national TV and sent packing with our tails between our legs. Those three miserable games almost took the shine off of an otherwise good season. I say “good” because, despite making the playoffs, they got to the playoffs as a 2nd wildcard and they underperformed most of the season. They should have not only won the division easily; they should have had an easier time in beating the Washington Nationals and should have made it to the World Series. But, as a result of their inept play in the NLCS and the silence of the Cardinals’ bats, the season is over and Cardinal Nation is left to wait until next year. Let’s hope the Cardinals do a better job of realizing their potential in 2013 and recapture their crown. I’m confident they will.

Preparing for next season – Well, the Card’s front office wasted no time in getting ready for spring training. Apparently, John Mozeliak has told Matt Carpenter to prepare for more time at 2nd base in the spring. And after indicating Kolten Wong would be competing for a spot, it appears Skip Schumaker is the odd man out. In my opinion, that’s a shame. Schumaker was not really given the chance to really compete for the 2nd base job. Before some of you blame his hitting, remember how his batting average was compared to Daniel Descalso. Schumaker was a better hitter, is a better hitter so, I can only conclude that there’s something else going on. I’m hoping they trade the guy and another team realizes his potential. I don’t think he’s a good part-time bench player; he’s the type of player that needs to play everyday. And while I’m on the topic of players going to other teams, I think the Cards are making a mistake not making a serious attempt to re-sign Kyle Lohse. How about doing something different Mr. Mozeliak and make every effort to keep your starting rotation intact for next year. Why is it when a pitcher has a stellar year or two, he’s automatically deemed too expensive to be resigned? This “business” side of baseball is a crappy excuse for players not be resigned in these situations and I blame the front office people as much as the players. The Cards should realize by now that a good, talented player with experience trumps a good, talented rookie in the long run.

Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend.