Musings from an Optimistic Redbird Fan: 11-2012


Cards vs. Nats – The St. Louis Cardinals have played four games against the Washington Nationals so far and have lost three out of four games. In their previous meeting, the Nationals outscored the Cards 31-14. Those games were played in Washington DC. I firmly believe this weekend series will be a lot different than the previous meeting. The Cards have won eight of their last ten games; while the Nationals have won six of their last ten. Both teams are looking to clinch; the Cardinals the second wild card spot and the Nationals the division title. If all goes as hoped, it’s conceivable that the Cards could sweep the Nationals and the Atlanta Braves sweep the NY Mets, the Braves would then finish the season against the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Nationals would finish against the Philadelphia Phillies. So there’s a very good chance in this scenario that we could be playing the Nationals in a one game playoff instead of the Braves. And yes, I think at the very least we’ll win the series against the Nationals and possibly sweep. I think you’ll start to see the difference in this series between a veteran club and a club that has little playoff experience.

How to celebrate – How STUPID is this discussion? What the heck does it matter how a team celebrates when they win a milestone event?? Champagne or beer…what does it matter? It must have been a slow news day as this topic has been covered to the point of absurdity. As long as they don’t do anything illegal, violate team policy and don’t “drink and drive” after the celebration, they should be able to celebrate how they please without criticism.

Remember Nation – I think some of Cardinal Nation are forgetting last year. Many of you had the same nervousness and doubt regarding our Redbirds. But the Cardinals got down to business and won the Division playoffs and eventually, the World Series. The saying, “…playoffs are a second season”, was never a more valid statement. I think the Cards will not have the offense we saw in April/May until the playoffs begin. Then you will see the Real Cardinals emerge. Remember, we’ve one eight out of 10 games; despite, Carlos Beltran and Skip Schumaker being in a slump and more recently, David Freese nursing a minor ankle sprain.  And yes, I believe they will repeat and get their “12 in 12”. Remember, you read it here.

Keep the faith Cardinal Nation and thanks for reading. Go Cards!