A Trip to Busch Stadium


Until Tuesday night, my last trip to Busch Stadium for a game took place in August 2006. This year marked my return to Busch Stadium for a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. This trip was planned to coincide with my brother’s 26th birthday. Honestly, we got a gem of a game, especially from Joe Kelly on the pitching mound.

Take out a few mistakes by Joe Kelly there in the 7th inning and one could not have asked for a better baseball game.

When Rafael Furcal got that triple in the bottom of the 3rd inning, I had a feeling that only a player like him could turn a ball hit to the deepest part of the outfield into a triple. Most players would only have a double on that kind of hit. Not Furcal.

Then there was that out that Jon Jay made. It was on a liner in the 5th inning that was hit by Stephen Drew. I do know that I needed to see a replay on the screen because that was one heck of a play. Yes, he trapped it by way of his chest but he got the out and that’s all that matters. Am I right?

Matt Holliday‘s home run had me screaming and on my feet. From my seats along the first base dugout, it was one of those where it was hard to tell whether it would be foul or fair. It was fair and two runs scored. I was hoarse for a bit after that home run.

Before the game, I was able to stop by the press box to meet St. Louis Post-Dispatch writers Derrick Goold and Rick Hummel. I’ve been reading their articles for several years now. Both have had books published, which I own, so I made plans prior to the game to meet up with them and get their books signed. Hummel is one of the best in the business and in 2007, he received the J. G. Taylor Spink Award during the 2007 Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Cardinals broadcaster Mike Shannon does his radio show from his nearby restaurant after home games on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. I was lucky that we went to the game on Tuesday because getting to meet the Moon Man was one of those experiences that just made Tuesday’s game even better than it could possibly have been.

Going to Busch Stadium for a Cardinals game is always a great experience. Getting to meet my favorite writers and radio broadcaster just made it all the more better this time around.