Tyler Greene hates fans that boo, gets traded


St. Louis Cardinals infielder Tyler Greene is not a fan of the fans that boo him. After his dismal performance last night, the infielder was traded to the Houston Astros.

Greene said as much last night after the game, according to MLB.com beat reporter Jenifer Langosch:

"Tyler Greene, when asked about home fans booing him: “Then don’t come to the game. Just cheer for your team.”"

Greene, for his part, is having a dismal season. At the moment, he’s only batting .218.

Greene did not do himself any favors when one factors in his offensive production this season. However, for all the grief that Greene gets from the fans, he’s not even leading the team in errors committed as hat honor goes to

Rafael Furcal

this season with 12 errors.

Last night saw one of those costly errors for Greene. It came in the 6th inning and should have been a routine double-play ball. Instead, Greene makes the error and 2 runs score. Two more runs would score in the 6th inning. When all was said and done, the Cardinals were down 7-0 and the Giants would end up doing more damage.

I’m not surprised that the organization traded Greene for cash or a player to be named later. Looking at the depth of the Cardinals organization, it’s highly probably that Houston will deal cash to the Cardinals instead of a player to be named later.

Let’s be honest here. Second base has not been a strong position for the Cardinals. By that, I mean there really has not been an All-Star player starting at the position in several seasons. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Skip Schumaker and even Daniel Descalso but Kolten Wong should, and likely will, be starting at second base in the next few seasons.

Now that Greene has been dealt, the Cardinals will make a roster move. Chances are they will bring up a bat for the bench while second base will likely be a platoon between Descalso and Schumaker. If it’s a bat, I would prefer Matt Adams, especially with Lance Berkman‘s knee acting up, although Derrick Goold reports:

"It will be a middle infielder promoted to take the spot, and the top candidates for that opening are Pete Kozma and Ryan Jackson, both of whom are in Class AAA."

Daniel Descalso is hitting .241 and he was one of 3 finalists for the Gold Glove award at 3rd base last season. Descalso tends to find his way into the lineup for his defensive abilities more so than his offensive production. Descalso has started more games at the position this season than Greene or Schumaker.

Skip Schumaker is hitting .312 on the season and while he’s only played 34 games at 2B this season, he’s started 26 times. Just over half of Skip’s season has been seat in the outfield, where he played before being converted to an infielder.

For the fans looking for promise at second base, I expect it will not be too long before Kolten Wong arrives at the big leagues. After all, he is the future at second base and I expect that he will be there for a long, long time.