How social media has changed the game…


The MLB trade deadline is coming up in only a few short days and it got me thinking about the top prospects that might be moved. One of the trends that happened this year with the 2012 draft picks by the St. Louis Cardinals is the increase in social media followers, whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter.

Social media has changed the way we follow the game. During the games, social media has, in no doubt, changed the way we follow our teams while watching the game. I no longer feel alone while screaming at the TV during a bad play because chances are my Twitter feed has erupted in those sheer seconds.

But back to my point on social media. This is not only just at the Major League level but also with the farm team as well. A large amount of Cardinals prospects are followed by the fans but what happens if they get traded or waived by the club? Do you remove yourself as a fan of their Facebook page? Unfollow them on Twitter?

During this past offseason, Adam Ottavino was selected off waivers by the Rockies. I still follow him on Twitter and I’m sure other Cardinals fans do as well. After all, he was the first round pick in 2006. As upset as I am that he will, in all likelihood, never wear the Birds on the Bat again, I wish him the best and hope he does well in the big leagues except when it is against the Cardinals. Then again, after Braden Looper was sent away to the Florida Marlins in the 1998 trade for Edgar Renteria, I never thought I would see him play for the Cardinals again.

Tyrell Jenkins was a 2010 1st round compensation draft pick and Ken Rosenthal has reported that the Seattle Mariners were recently seen scouting him at a Quad Cities game. With two Cardinal starts out at the moment, it’s no surprise that the Cardinals will try and make a move to improve the rotation by the end of the month.

The minor leaguers, especially, are active on Twitter and engage in conversations with not just the fans but their teammates as well.