Interview with St. Louis Cardinals draft pick Stephen Piscotty


Stephen Piscotty, a first round supplemental draft pick, recently joined Redbird Rants for an interview. What follows is a partial transcript due to some problems with playback on my digital recorder. If I can get the complete transcript up at some point, I will. The joys of technology!

Daniel Solzman:

Stephen, thanks for joining Redbird Rants today. How are things treating you in the Quad Cities?

Stephen Piscotty: Treating me very well. Just got settled in an apartment, all that stuff. It’s just been a good start so far. I like the coaches. Everything has just been really well done. I like it good so far.

Daniel Solzman: When did you know that the Cardinals were interested in drafting you and what was your reaction when you found out you were going to be drafted on the first night?

Stephen Piscotty: I knew they had some interest but wasn’t sure how strong. I wasn’t anticipating they would take me in the draft. I was thinking I would go a few slots below that. I was just watching the TV and my name came up. I was very surprised and relieved because I heard a lot of good things about the Cardinals organization. It was a cool moment and I was really happy.

Daniel Solzman: How did it feel to walk on to the grounds of Busch Stadium and take batting practice prior to the game?

Stephen Piscotty: It was pretty cool. Pretty cool deal. I was an A’s fan growing up and I got to meet Mark McGwire. It was a pretty cool moment for me. Any time you take BP on a Major League diamond is pretty cool thing. I remember being a little bit nervous but after the first round, I got settled in, got to hitting, and had a good time.