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An Interview with St. Louis Cardinals prospect Scott Gorgen


Scott Gorgen, currently pitching for the Springfield Cardinals, recently joined Redbird Rants for an interview. Gorgen is the 18th best prospect in the organization.

Daniel Solzman:

Scott, thanks for joining Redbird Rants today for an intrview. How are things going in Springfield?

Scott Gorgen: I appreciate it, thanks for having me. Things in Springfield have been good. We started off with a little rough patch but have since been on a nice run to contend for a first half title. This team has been a fun combination of youth and veteran players that have really jelled together, so it will be fun to see where we things end up.

Daniel Solzman: Flashing back to 2008, were you nervous on Draft Day at all?

Scott Gorgen:
Flashing back, yes I was nervous on draft day not knowing where I was gonna end up in what round and with what organization. I remember sitting in the Houston airport on our way to face LSU in the super regionals, where I got the call just before we took off letting me know that I had been drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals. Definitely, one of the most gratifying and memorable days in my life to have been given that opportunity to continue my playing career.

Daniel Solzman: You missed last season after having Tommy John surgery? What was the recovery process like?

Scott Gorgen: Yes, I originally injured my elbow during the 2010 season and was sidelined for 3 months before I came back to AA to pitch out of the bullpen. After the season, I was sent to St. Louis for another MRI, which revealed the tear in my UCL ligament and was going to require surgery. In October 2010, I had the Tommy-John surgery performed by Dr. Lewis Yocum. The process was definitely long and taxing both physically and mentally. I had to tell myself that I would miss a year of playing, but that I would come back stronger and well prepared for the 2012 season. I really took that time to get myself in the best shape I could so that I would not miss a step when I returned for spring training. It was a long process but had great support from everyone around me.

Daniel Solzman: Did you miss not being able to help your teammates on the field in getting a win, especially after the numbers you put up in 2010?

Scott Gorgen: Yes, I definitely missed not being out there performing and playing the game that I loved. I felt like I was on the right track before the injury occurred but knew that I needed to get my arm fixed so I could be back performing at a high level of competition.

Daniel Solzman: What’s a typical day in the life this season?

Scott Gorgen: A typical day for me is wake up by 10, grab some coffee and breakfast then head to the field by 12. From there, I will get in any running, lifting, or arm care work I need to get done that day before the pitchers head out for stretch and bp. After that, it’s game time!

Daniel Solzman: You left UC Irvine as the all-time UCI strikeout leader? How did playing under Coach Gillespie prepare you for the next level?

Scott Gorgen: I did leave Irvine my junior year as the all-time strikeout leader before it was broken again by a friend and fellow Cardinal teammate Danny Bibona two years later. I was proud to see it broken by someone that I played with for two years while I was there. Coach Gillespie prepared me for pro ball and the idea of how it was going to be. He was an old school, hard nose baseball coach. I was fortunate to have Ted Silva as my pitching coach that year because he ran our pitching staff that a professional coach would run it so it was beneficial for me to get an understanding for it.

Daniel Solzman: How has Pitching Coach Bryan Eversgerd helped with your mechanics this season?

Scott Gorgen: Gerdy and I have had numerous discussions about pitching so far this year, especially since coming back from surgery. Both have consisted of mechanics and pitch sequences. I was apart of the pitching staff when Gerdy was coaching in Springfield back in 2009 so it is nice to have already started that relationship and now continued that into this year.

Daniel Solzman: How would you compare Pop Warner’s style to Mike Shildt’s style?

Scott Gorgen: Both styles are similar because both managers have been brought through the Cardinals organization and preach the “Cardinal” way. The “Cardinal” way consists of doing the little things right and focusing on the fundamentals of the game. Shildty brings a calm, relax, and positive energy to this team and the guys have seem to really respond to it. This is his first year at the AA level so I believe he is learning from us just as much as we are learning from him.

Daniel Solzman: What is your favorite pitch?

Scott Gorgen: My favorite pitch is the change-up. I believe it could be the best pitch in baseball, depending on who you talk to. If you have a decent change-up, you really have the ability to keep the hitters off balance at the plate.

Daniel Solzman: Thanks again for joining us. Any final words for the best fans in baseball?

Scott Gorgen: I appreciate it, thanks for having me. I would like to thank all the St. Louis fans for your support. You guys really are the best fans from rookie ball through the big league level. Your support is greatly appreciated and definitely noticed by the players. I hope to be in St. Louis soon to help our organization bring home another world series trophy. Thanks again, Daniel, for having me on here. Take care!