An Interview with Joe Kelly


Joe Kelly, a pitcher currently with the Memphis Redbirds, recently joined Redbird Rants for an interview.

Daniel Solzman:

Joe, thanks for joining Redbird Rants today. How are things treating you in Memphis?

Joe Kelly: Things are treating me well in Memphis! I enjoy the city and love showing up to the ball park every single day.

Daniel Solzman: In 2009, what was going through your head when the MLB Draft was getting started? Were you nervous at all?

Joe Kelly: I was really nervous during draft day but I was able to calm my nerves because it was also my 21 birthday. I was just excited to see where I was going to land.

Daniel Solzman: What’s the typical day in the life like during the season?

Joe Kelly: During the season, I tend to sleep in and wake up around 9. I eat breakfast at a local spot, and then head to the field to go get my running or workout done before the rest of the team shows up.

Daniel Solzman: With all the activity that took place within the Cardinals organization during the offseason, is it a good feeling that you don’t have to learn a new system under a different manager and pitching coach?

Joe Kelly: I love that I don’t really have to learn a new system since the Cardinals kept things the same by hiring great coaches who have been around the Cardinal tradition. It makes things more comfortable for everyone.

Daniel Solzman: Pitching wise, how has Coach Blaise Ilsley’s advice helped this season?

Joe Kelly: Blaze has helped me a lot with pitching to my strengths. He gives us pitchers scouting reports every game day but makes sure I stick with what I do best. He has also helped me keep everything simple and makes sure I stick with the basics. What I really like is that Blaze rides or dies with his pitchers and is behind every single guy we have on the team.

Daniel Solzman: John Mozeliak told Tim McKernan on Wednesday that he expects to promote either you or Brandon Dickson to start this weekend? Has anyone told you anything yet?

Joe Kelly: No one has told me anything. I try not to look into anything like that and keep my head out of that stuff.

Daniel Solzman: Thanks again for joining Redbird Rants and hope to see you wearing the Birds on the Bat at Busch real soon! Any final words for Cardinal Nation!

Joe Kelly: Thanks for having me on! I can’t wait to joing the big club and help them out one day! And Cardinal Nation has the best fan support in all of baseball.