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An Interview with St. Louis Cardinals draft pick Steve Bean


Steve Bean, the 59th overall draft pick of the St. Louis Cardinals, recently joined Redbird Rants in an exclusive interview.

Daniel Solzman: Thanks for joining with Redbird Rants today for an interview. How does it feel to be one of the newest members of Cardinal Nation?

Steve Bean:

Thank you for having me, it feels great to see all my hard work pay off. To be a part of this organization with so much tradition and an amazing fan base it means a lot, not to mention y’all are the defending world series champions. It’s an awesome feeling.

Daniel Solzman: Were you surprised when you found out you were drafted in the compensatory round?

Steve Bean: I wouldn’t say I was surprised, the main goal was to have my name called on the first day. I’m very thankful and blessed.

Daniel Solzman: I know that you signed to play with the University of Texas and judging by the retweets on Twitter, I think it’s safe to say you have signed with the Cards. How tough of a decision was it to join the Cardinals organization instead of attending college?

Steve Bean: We had made a decision prior to the draft that if I wasn’t drafted by a certain round then I would attend the University of Texas. Playing baseball at Texas has been a life long dream and the program is amazing, but the ultimate goal is to make it to the big leagues.

Daniel Solzman: The Cardinals are building up a tradition of Gold Glove catchers behind the plate. Who do you look up to as far as catchers go?

Steve Bean: Definitely Yadi, he’s the best catcher in baseball and I’m looking forward to working on my craft so the next cardinal behind the dish is me.

Daniel Solzman: Rockwall coach Jeff Payne described you as a natural leader behind the plate. What do you have to say in response to that?

Steve Bean: Coach Payne and I have been around each other a long time, and I would agree with that. It’s a tough position to play and you have to be a leader back there to be successful.

Daniel Solzman: Any final words for the best fans in baseball? Best of luck and Cards fans cannot wait to see you behind the plate at Busch Stadium sooner rather than later!

Steve Bean: I want to let everyone know it’s an honor to be drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals. I’ve worked hard to get to this point and being selected is just another stepping stone to where I want to be. It’s time to set new goals, keep grinding, and work even harder. I’m truly thankful and blessed, this isn’t possible without the man upstairs and to him I give all the glory. I’m pumped to be a part of Cardinal nation!