MLB Draft: Day 1 for the St. Louis Cardinals


The St. Louis Cardinals were very busy during the first round and compensatory round of the 2012 Major League Baseball Draft. The Cardinals had 2 picks in the first round while they had 3 picks available to make in the compensatory round. With 5 picks, the club was the most active last night.

During the draft, the Cardinals went with 4 college players and a high school catcher that has signed to play baseball with the Texas Longhorns. If Twitter is any indication, it is safe to assume that Steve Bean, a catcher out of Rockwall High School, has opted to forgo college and jump into the Cardinals’ minor league organization.

Round 1, Pick 19 RHP Michael Wacha, Texas A & M
With the 19th pick, the Cardinals drafted Michael Wacha, a junior pitcher out of Texas A & M. What is really interesting about this pick is that three years ago, the Cardinals took an Aggie recruit in the first round: Shelby Miller. It’s possible that within a few seasons from now, both players could be starring for the Cardinals in the same pitching rotation. Is it destiny or fate? Maybe.

The 2012 season for Wacha appears to be his best season in an Aggie uniform, going 9-1 on the season, including the Big 12 tournament and NCAA Regionals. The Big 12 tournament was his only loss this season.

In his Aggie career, the 6’6” right-handed pitcher is 27-7 with a 2.40 ERA. In three seasons, Wacha has thrown 336 strikeouts, which is the 4th most in A & M history. His 27 wins tie him for 7th all time in Aggie history.

Round 1, Pick 23 OF James Ramsey, Florida State
James Ramsey was this past season’s ACC Player of the Year, hitting .385 this season with 13 home runs, 55 RBIs,

Florida State released a statement following senior outfielder James Ramsey being selected by the Cardinals with the 23rd pick.

“The main reason I came to Florida State was to become a big leaguer,” the senior said in a statement released by the Seminoles. “You’re talking about the World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals. It’s a team with so much rich tradition especially at winning and I appreciate what they said on the telecast about me being a winner. That is one word that I describe myself as to any scout. I am not going to be the sexiest prospect that comes along. I am not going to be the 6’5”, 200 pound guy, but I am a winner and that’s the kind of guy I hope they want in their organization.

Ramsey talked about why he came back for his senior season and how it has helped him become a better player.

“What a difference a year makes,” Ramsey said. “This whole year has been about Proverbs 19:21 – a man can plan his course but the Lord determines his steps. I have really tried to trust upon that. For me, it wasn’t necessarily result oriented, it wasn’t about becoming a first rounder, it was to do the most with the platform that I have. The hard work I’ve put in, all the faith that I have kept in myself, the faith my teammates have kept in me; I wouldn’t be in this position without God, I wouldn’t be in this position without my teammates, my coaches and my family. I did exactly what I came back to do but there is one more thing that is on my list and if any one things that this is icing on the cake, I am not finished yet at Florida State.”

The senior is the recent draft pick in a lengthy line of former Seminoles in the organization.

“It’s unbelievable, just to be able to chase your dream but having those guys along the way that have gone through the farm system that will be to offer priceless advice about how to continue to grind to achieve your goal of being a big leaguer is very exciting,” Ramsey said in a statement about joining other Seminoles on the playing field.

Florida State head coach Mike Martin had some nice words to say about Ramsey as a player and what he brings to the Cardinals.

“The man got what he deserved and that’s what excites me to no end,” Coach Martin said about Ramsey. “He has meant so much to this program from passing up the draft last year and coming back to be the first person to ever wear a ‘C’ on his jersey, to leaving a legacy with our baseball program will always be remembered.

“The first thing I said to Ramsey when I talked to him tonight was ‘slide the pictures down, we got a new one to put up,’ (referencing the first round picks pictured in the hallway outside the clubhouse on Mike Martin Field inside Dick Howser Stadium)

“For me, I will get to walk by that for a few more years and remember what James Ramsey brought to our program. I am literally elated. This is just a culmination of an unbelievable year for the baseball program when a guy comes back and does what he has done both in the classroom and on the field and then is rewarded by getting what he deserves. The man deserves this and I am very proud of him.”

“It’s exciting for him, it’s exciting for our coaching staff because Shane was very similar to Ramsey in that they came here and wanted an opportunity,” Coach Martin said about the similarities between Ramsey and Shane Robinson. “Now you have a fifth rounder that is in the big leagues (Shane Robinson) and certainly James is an easy projection to play in the major leagues.”

Round 1A, Pick 36 3B Stephen Piscotty, Stanford

Stephen Piscotty was drafted out of Stanford by the Cardinals. Piscotty has started 170 Stanford games, either at first, left field, third base, DH, or pitcher. This season, he is batting .318 with 55 RBIs. Stanford will take on the Florida State Seminoles this weekend in the NCAA Super Regionals, where he will face future teammate James Ramsey.

Round 1A, Pick 52 3B Patrick Wisdom, Saint Mary’s College

The Cardinals drafted Patrick Wisdom out of Saint Mary’s College.

“No, I had no idea,” Wisdom said in a statement about whether he knew the Cardinals would draft him. “I knew that they were interested, I was just watching the draft results to see what my friends were doing when I got a text from my advisor saying it is probably not going to happen today, and then he called back and said we are working out a deal with the Cardinals with the 52nd pick and would I sign there and I said ‘Absolutely, get it done.’ So my family and I just watched the television to see my name get called.”

“Patrick Wisdom is a rare five tool athlete who is extremely competitive and hard working,” said head coach Jedd Soto in a statement from the university. “He pushed himself on the field and in the classroom every day for the past three years. He has always represented us well during his time at Saint Mary’s College. I have no doubt he will have a lot of success at every level of professional baseball. He has always been a pleasure to coach and brought a lot of positive energy to our baseball program.”

Round 1A, Pick 59 C Steve Bean, Rockwall High School (TX)

Steve Bean, a catcher, was drafted by the Cardinals out of Rockwall High School. Redbird Rants has lined up an interview with Bean.

“Cards got this pick right.,” Jeff Payne, coach of the Rockwall Yellowjackets, said in an email. “Beanie has always treated baseball like a job. He won’t be outworked and is a natural leader behind the plate.”

Redbird Rants has been busy gathering quotes and will get them to you as soon as we are able to do so!