Bob Costas and the Cardinals


When the MLB Network released their schedule for games in May, something caught my eye. It was not the number of games that the St. Louis Cardinals would be appearing in but the fact that one of my favorite sportscasters, Bob Costas, would be calling the May 24th game between the Cards and Philadelphia Phillies. Costas will be joined by Sports Illustrated writer Tom Verducci.

It should be noted that the MLB Network will blackout this game for those in the FSN Midwest viewing area, those of us that live outside the market will be able to cherish every moment that we are able to get of the Emmy-winning sportscaster. Costas only calls a handful of games as a part of the Thursday Night Baseball package that airs exclusively on the MLB Network. He’s been doing so since joining the network since 2009.

I don’t have HBO at home so I missed out on all those years of Costas’ show that aired on the channel. The sole exception was during a free month back in July 2008, when Costas had his baseball town hall meeting. It had come after Will Leitch and Buzz Bissinger got into it over blogs. I do watch the monthly sports talk show, Costas Tonight, which airs on the NBC Sports Network. I look forward to being able to watch Studio 42 with Bob Costas as well. When it airs, of course.

When I lived in Chicago, I had the MLB Network for maybe two months. Of course, this only came after threatening to switch to a rival cable operator who offered the package that I had for less—but they offered the MLB Network. Back in Kentucky though, Insight felt that not enough games were offered so they never bothered coming to an agreement to make the channel available. This all changed once Time Warner Cable purchased Insight Communications for a hefty sum. No longer will I have to stream the National Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony online. No longer will I have to miss out on Peter Gammons’ insight exclusive only to the MLB Network.

If we ever see another historic teaming between Bob Costas and Al Michaels, I’ll be able to watch it. Who wouldn’t want to watch a game called by two first-rate broadcasters? You’d have to be crazy not to watch them!

Prior to FOX acquiring the Saturday Game of the Week, I remember the days when NBC used to air the All Star Game and the postseason games. I thought NBC did a fine job with their broadcasts but I guess Notre Dame Football is more important to them. I do wonder, sometimes, as to whether or not Joe Buck would still be calling games regularly on FSN Midwest.

Last month, Costas was joined by former Cardinal Jim Kaat in the booth for games on April 12th and 17th. In addition to the Cardinals game next month, he’ll be joined by John Smoltz for a Friday night game on June 1st between the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers.

Come May 24th, I’ll be watching the Cardinals take on the Phillies on the MLB Network.

Cardinals games on MLB Network
Friday, May 11th, 8 PM ET (vs. Braves, alternate game on network)
Saturday, May 12th, 7 PM (vs. Braves)
Saturday, May 19, 10 PM (at Dodgers)
Thursday, May 24, 8 PM (vs. Phillies)
Monday, May 28th, 1 PM (at Braves)