Redbird Rants Recap: 3/18/12 – 3/24/12


The news in Cardinal Nation this week was unfortunately not related to wins and losses, in the respect of wins and losses on the field. The Cards have lost the services of Chris Carpenter for at least two months; indefinitely is the official word of choice. So, it stands to reason that our posts this week leaned toward what we think the Cards should or should not do to compensate for the loss.

I wrote about the Cardinals’ difficult, but attainable, goal of winning back-to-back World Series. I also suggested that the Cards should stick with Lance Lynn, especially if finances are an issue.

Jason Evans provided last week’s game recaps wrapped nicely in Redbirds Week in Review.

Chris Ferguson told us he was conflicted with what the Cardinals should do about Carpenter and earlier in the week took on Skip Schumaker‘s injury.

Marilyn Green attended a Spring Training game this week at Roger Dean Stadium and we are lucky enough to have her describe what she SAW and HEARD around the park. There’s a lot more than baseball going on, let’s put it that way.

Justin McClary pumped out poll after poll in the Cardinal Madness bracketology series. Check it out as round one ends at midnight.

Dennis McHawes provided his Who am I? Name that Cardinal feature.

Daniel Solzman rounds out the Carpenter pieces asking the question we all want answered, What Happens Now?

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