Determining the Greatest Cardinals Team


In case you haven’t checked your calendars, it’s March! This of course means numerous things: the beginning of Spring, obviously the beginning of spring training, St. Patrick’s Day, my birthday (message me if you want gift ideas), and of course, March Madness! The month of March is dominated by college basketball, but bracket-style tournaments aren’t just used for determining the nation’s best collegiate sports teams (besides football). Brackets have actually become a huge phenomenon in society. There are entire books dedicated to using brackets to determine the best of everything. It should be obvious where I’m going with this, but details follow after the jump.

It’s time, people. There has been and always will be discussion about which Cardinals team is the best. Now is the time for Redbird Rants to finally settle the debate. I have narrowed the 130 Cardinals history to the 32 best teams. To do this, I included all eleven World Series winners, seven National League pennant winners, five division winners, and nine at-large teams. Seeding started with the World Series winners, in order of winning percentage, then pennant winners, then division winners, and finally the at-larges.

Over the next few weeks, starting tomorrow, I will be posting the match-ups with stats and details about the teams accompanied by a poll where you, our loyal readers, will vote on the winners. At the end, we will determine who the Cardinals community feels is the greatest team in history. Here is a preview of the bracket.

Come back each day and make sure you vote on each match-up’s winner!

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