Redbird Rants Recap: 2/26/12 – 3/3/12


This week news surrounding the St. Louis Cardinals was dominated by Yadier Molina‘s 5-year/$75 million extension. We had the story covered from all angles, plus provided insight to various other items of note.

I wrote a few articles on Molina as the week progressed. Here is a link to a full analysis of the deal.

Jason Evans stipulated that the Cardinals did not have a choice when it came to signing Molina.

Chris Ferguson discussed the Ryan Braun mess.

Marilyn Green went on a rant about the MLB playoff expansion.

Justin McClary wrote about the spring training positional battles.

Dennis McHawes wondered if we had another Albert Pujols situation brewing with Molina prior to the signing.

Dennis Solzman gave us his thoughts on Molina staying put in St. Louis.

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