Cardinals’ Business Report: Multiple ticket options at Busch Stadium


Major League Baseball teams are always looking for new ways to generate revenues at the ballpark. The best way for teams to do this is to have a diverse number of ticket offerings. The St. Louis Cardinals are no different. Just because they are the defending World Series Champions, doesn’t mean they can rest on their laurels. The Cardinals have multiple ticket packages, loads of promos, special seating areas and are in their second season of using dynamic pricing. Let’s take a look at the numerous ways fans can spend the day at Busch Stadium.

While purchasing tickets for an individual game is still very much alive,  the Cardinals and other’s around the league have established numerous packages in an effort to lure in all types of fans. They begin with mini-pack promo ticket plans featuring games against rival NL Central teams, some have opening day tickets attached and some have their own built in promotions. They are available in 5-game or 10-game packs.

Of course there are season ticket offerings as well. The season tickets are split in plans of full, tw0 half-season plans (40 games) or three versions of a 27 game pack. The 27 games are either weekend games, packaged by series, or a business plan. Each plan has numerous benefits built it. The most appealing is the ability to purchase post-season tickets before being offered to the general public.

Full season plans start at $1,215 for 1st base terrace seats ($15 per game) all the way up to $9,720 for a Champions Club seat ($120 per game). Half-season prices range from $600 ($15 per game) to $4800 ($120 per game) for the same seats. The 27 game packs have various rates for each.

For groups, there are party suites available which hold 30 people, often used by businesses for social gatherings. For individuals, the Champions Club has a food buffet built into the ticket price, a full-service bar and has reserved outside seats.

Now, if you decide you want to purchase tickets for individual games because you do not want to lock into any of the pre-arranged packages, you will be using the Cardinals’ dynamic ticket pricing function. Dynamic pricing sets the ticket value based on a variety of factors that change as the season progresses. Among the factors the price structure is based on is early season versus summer games, the teams visiting, the pitching matchup, the day of the week and the number of tickets sold at the time of purchase.

For example, on the site right now, the 1st base terrace seats which are the least expensive of the lot are being sold for $62.75 for the home opener against the Cubs. For the first game of the subsequent series against the Reds, you’ll pay $10.50 for that seat. The price goes back up against the Brewers (three separate prices depending on the day) who follow the Reds on the initial 12-game homestand. There are multiple games throughout the season where you can sit in the right field terrace for $5. What shows on the current chart will change on a daily basis to some extent.

The dynamic pricing feature gives fans the ability to zero in on a game that fits their budget especially if they are not insistant on seeing a particular team. It works for the club because when the teams that are not as popular are in town, or the day of the week is a factor or there is a storm forecast the Cardinals can adjust accordingly and sell more tickets versus having empty seats. Empty seats cannot buy concessions, pay for parking, purchase memorabilia or make advanced ticket purchases in the park.

Of course, the team also runs a variety of promotional days throughout the season as an added draw. Among them this season are a bunch of championship theme nights throughout April including replica ring night and replica World Series trophy. Others during the remainder of the season include a David Freese bobblehead doll, a Carlos Beltran adult jersey, and a Bruce Sutter bobblehead doll.

The Cardinals have a multitude of ticket options and promotional giveaways throughout the season to accommodate all fans. You can be there for each game or select a single game at a discount price the whole family can enjoy without breaking the bank. Whichever way you lean, there is something available for everyone.

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