The Rally Squirrel gets a Rookie Card?!?


This is just beyond crazy. The Rally Squirrel is getting its own rookie card according to Beckett Magazine. But it’s not a card with the squirrel’s name on it. Instead, it’s one that features the name of Skip Schumaker so it’s not a rookie card in the traditional sense since it appears to be a short print. Crazy, right?

I collect baseball cards. I have for several years. Although, with what does seem to be gazillion brands releasing new sets every year along with a countless number of inserts and autographs, I’ve cut down to mainly team sets of the St. Louis Cardinals or select rookie cards. I have to refrain from pointing my browser towards Ebay because of the binge purchasing that always comes with a visit.

I could understand Topps or other brands going with the idea of a traditional insert card that is focused on the rally squirrel rather than just taking over a Skip Schumaker card. It would create a market on Ebay if it were just an insert but prices would not be anywhere close to the market that we are seeing right now. I’m sorry but I just don’t see myself forking over close to $300 for such a card.

What’s really interesting is that Beckett teased just the mere idea of giving the squirrel its own card last November.

Beckett even reports on some of the early sales and also features Schumaker’s own reaction to the short-print version of his card, which he called “just ridiculous.”

Would you rather shell out close to $300 for the Rally Squirrel card by buying it on Ebay right now or would you be willing to wait until the summer when sales die down, and go down to earth? Or would you do nothing and just save money altogether?

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