Who am I ? Name that Cardinal


As Cardinal fans we have been treated with countless highlights, wins and breathtaking moments.  We are lucky.  It’s not like we are Cubs fans.  We all have our favorite moment or moments.  That play, hit or pitch that we will always remember.  Many of those were made by the “Superstars”.  It was the big player making the big play.  Most of us can see Bruce Sutter striking out Gorman Thomas to win the 1982 World Series.  We can see Ozzie Smith and Jack Clark’s homeruns in the 1985 NLCS.  We can see Lou Brock sliding into second base setting the stolen base record, McGwire’s 61st. 62nd and 70th homeruns and Pujols’ s monster shot off of Brad Lidge in the play offs.

The list is virtually never ending.  The Cardinals’ team history is abundant with these memories.  But, like I said, many of these were big players rising to the occasion, sometimes doing what we expected them to do.  However, there are just as many huge moments that was made by the average player.  Maybe, it was that aging veteran that had just a little bit of gas left in the tanks.  Maybe it was that rookie or one of the many vital bench players that Cardinals have had over the years.

There are many players that briefly passed through a period of time wearing the Birds on the Bat.  They had brief stays.  They may have had brief careers but made a huge impact at some point.

So what’s my point you ask?  Well this idea came to fruition after a phone conversation with another faithful Cardinal fan and talking about great plays and great players.  How well do you remember the name of that player who made the huge play?  A who am I style column, a name that Cardinal article.  I love the where are they now style articles.  This is my spin on that concept.

This is how it works.  I will describe a player, a little history about that player and then I will describe the “huge” play they made or were a part of.  You have to name the player.  Ok, here is the first installment:

I was drafted in the 4th round of the 1978 amateur draft by the St. Louis Cardinals, but I didn’t sign.  I signed with an American League team in 1979.  I hit a home run my first time at bat.  I would spend the next eleven seasons with the same team.  I won four Gold Gloves at third base.  I grew up a lifelong Cardinal fan and I signed with the Birds in 1995 as a free agent.  My biggest moment as a Cardinal came in the 7th inning of the 1996 NL Playoffs against the Atlanta Braves.  I hit a Grand Slam off of Greg Maddux.  I wore #8 and my nickname was the Rat.

Who am I? (click on the “I” for the answer)

I hope you enjoyed this first retrospective look into Cardinal history, more to come.

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