UCB Cardinal Blogger Awards


I’m a newbie to this UCB Cardinal Blogger thingy so bear with me here.   I understand that to cast my official ballot for this year’s UCB Cardinal Blogger Awards I am to post my responses here in the blog.  There are a lot of awards here, and because I am a newbie I must beg the reader’s indulgence in my responses because I am still getting to know everyone and so I don’t have the insight others do.  Anyway, I have carefully considered each and every award, and below are my choices.

Award 1-Cardinal Player of the Year.

I am going to rock the boat on my very first award and choose Other.  My other? Yadier Molina.  I mean Berkman, Holliday and Pujols are all obvious and admirable choices, but I choose Yadi because he had a fabulous year at the plate.  Yadi should have won the Silver Slugger at catcher,  he was that good.  Career highs in HRs and RBIs.  What’s not to like?

Award 2-Cardinal Pitcher of the Year

I have to go with Carpenter here.  Dude was a monster in postseason, not to mention his two end of the regular season gems against the Brewers and the Astros.

Award 3-Regular Season Game of the Year

This is a tough one.  I am partial to the September 7 game against Milwaukee simply because I was there in person to see it.  The last game of the season pitching gem against the Astros was pretty special too.  But I am going with the September 24 9th inning comeback  because that game is a microcosm of the Cardinals season.  The Comeback Kids in all their glory.  And against the Cubs no less.  Booyah.

Award 4-Postseason Game of the Year

WS Game 6 of course.  Duh.

Award 5-Surprise Player of the Year

Lance Berkman.  Surprised the heck out of me.

Award 6-Disappointing Player of the Year

Well, to be honest, I never expected a whole lot out of Miguel Batista or Ryan Theriot and I don’t buy into the Colby Rasmus and His Whole Family are Pond Scum thing that many Cardinals fans have going on,  so no disappointment for me there either.  Colby had a down year, big deal.  There was a lot of stuff going on.  Anyway, that leaves Ryan Franklin and I am disappointed that he couldn’t put it together this season.  Didn’t help that he was left to not put it together for as long as he was.

Award 7-Cardinal Rookie of the Year

I got a huge kick out of Adron Chambers but he wasn’t here long enough to get my vote.  Love Eduardo Sanchez too but he was out on the DL too long.  Lance Lynn really put it together in the postseason and he was fun to watch.  But I have to go with Allen Craig.  Guy flat out rakes.

Award 8- Pre-Season Acquisition of the Year

Lance Berkman.  Again.

Award 9-Mid-Season Acquisition of the Year

Oh man, this one’s tough.  I wasn’t high on Dotel when he first came, but he made me a believer.  Rzepczynski is a lesson in spelling and I have a soft spot for lefties.  But I am going with Furcal.  We really needed that middle infield help and his reaction to the WS Game 7 win was priceless.

Award 10-Most Anticipated Cardinal

Shelby Miller.  I love pitchers.  I follow him on Twitter.  Enough said.

Award 11-Best Individual Cardinal Blog

On the Outside Corner.   I love, love, love the Cardinal history.  I’m old.

Award 12-Best Team Cardinal Blog

Pitchers Hit Eighth.  It’s the name.  The posts are great too.

Award 13-Best Professional Blog

I’m going Other again.  The Cardinal Nation Blog.  I started my blogging career there so to speak.  I’m biased.

Award 14-Best Rookie Cardinal Blog

I must confess I have not gotten around to all the blogs yet.  There are so many.  I pick Aaron Miles Fastball.   It’s women blogging about baseball.  Come on, what did you expect?

Award 15-Post of the Year

Well,  since none of my posts are on here……..   Just kidding.


Award 16-Best UCB Project

Get To Know a UCBer.  I participated in this one.

Award 17-Most Optimistic Cardinal Blog

El Maquino.

Award 18-Best UCB Podcast

UCB Radio Hour.

Award 19-Best UCB Twitterer

@throatwarbler.  We don’t always agree he and I, but he cracks me up.

Award 20-Best Fake Cardinal Twitter Account

@TortyCraig.  LOBster and sprinkled donuts.  Yum.

Now my fellow readers, you too may vote on your favorites.  Here.