So You’re Telling Me There’s A Chance


On a night where the Cardinal faithful found themselves gnawing their nails off watching Kyle Lohse continually load the bases only to somehow miraculously get out of it, we also decided the Florida Marlins are all right in our books.

I will admit, between watching Eli Manning drool all over himself and Sam Bradford being relentlessly pursued around the Meadowlands field, I was flipping back to the Braves and Marlins HOPING for a miracle. Well….in the form of one of the most unlikely heroes it happened. God bless them, the Marlins were still out there playing like their season matters and we are now forever grateful.

The Cardinals of course beat out the Phils earlier in the night in a rough battle to squeak one out 4-3 and win their third game in the series of four against the NL East Champs.

Craig Kimbrel looked to be closing the door on this come from behind win the Braves badly needed and the most improbable thing happened. Omar Infante (yes the 2B with 6 HRs all season) hit his first career walk-off HR, and it could not have come at a better time for the Cards. As it stands right now, we are 2.5 back in the Wild Card race and one has to imagine the slipping Braves are sweating quite a bit.

Who would have guessed these “Powerhouse” Braves would sputter so close to the finish line. A week ago I figured right now I would be talking about the offseason and Albert Pujols, who would have guessed the chips started falling in place like they have. Typically, I would expect the Braves to take the next two against the Marlins before playing the young Nationals and dominate Phillies.

Atlanta is having problems against everyone it seems and it’s going to be interesting to see where they finish off. You wouldn’t think it from looking at the schedule, but I am more concerned about what St. Louis does. We look great against good teams, we have trouble with people under .500 for some reason. We now look to three series at three games a piece, home against the Mets then Cubs and finish off in Houston.

Wouldn’t it just be the ultimate kick in the nuts for the Cubs to come into St. Louis and effectively end our season….Happy thoughts, happy thoughts…..focus on the wild card.

I don’t know exactly what it took to kick the Cardinals in the ass, but it’s working. The Braves are sliding, Cardinals are RED red hot and tonight it finally clicked, we really have a shot at this.