Sunday Poll Question – 9/11/11


As we take this day to reflect upon the September 11th tragedy 10 long years ago, I realize that answer a poll question about the St. Louis Cardinals is not likely to be very high on anyone’s agenda. Today is about celebrating all of our heroes who gave their lives not only to save others, but to defend our beloved nation. However, I believe sports do play a significant role in healing old wounds and bringing Americans together. Sports are extremely powerful and influential in today’s society.

Last week, I asked how you thought things would play out in the standings for the Cardinals down the stretch. The majority believed that they wouldn’t come close to making the playoffs, but after two consecutive wins over the Atlanta Braves, the deficit in the NL Wild Card was down to 5 ½ games. So, with that in mind, we want to know which September call-up is likely to make the biggest impact for this team.