This Ain’t Rocket Science


I considered starting my inaugural post at Redbird Rants with something controversial and eye-popping, something like, I don’t know, BREAKING—CARDINALS CAVE TO FAN PRESSURE AND TRADE COLBY RASMUS.  But, after last night’s loss I didn’t want to be the cause of any fan’s heart palpitations.  So, you get this instead.  My Redbird Rant for the day sans the excitement.

I want to go on record as saying that I don’t suffer fools gladly.  I will not sugarcoat anything for the sake of appearances, hurt feelings,  or for just general purposes.  I love my Cardinals, but no one gets a pass from me when they screw up.  My opinion of what constitutes a screw up may differ from that of other fans, but that is what the comment section is for, to tell me I am wrong.  Or to agree with me wholeheartedly, which I always welcome.  I have some favorite targets. as those who know me will attest to and those who don’t will find out.  I can be persuaded, however, as long as you are nice about it and back it up with facts.  Even if you don’t persuade me I will respect you for the effort.  Now enough about me, on to the rant.

Why oh why did Tony LaRussa leave Kyle Lohse in the game last night to give up the game winning grand slam to Kelly Johnson?  It has been suggested that the Cardinal manager had no confidence in his left handed relief pitching to get the job done.  Which begs the question, why oh why do the Cardinals not have any reliable left handed relief pitching?

A lot of speculation has centered on the idea that the Cardinals might pick up closer Heath Bell from the Padres. Hey I like Heath Bell alot, but he is not the answer for the Cardinals’ woes.  Fernando Salas is doing a good job in the closer role right now.  The Cardinals desperately need left handed relief, pronto.  The Cardinals’ recent pickup of lefty Ron Mahay is not the answer either.  The Cardinals passed on J.C. Romero, though I have my doubts he would have been much better than what they currently have.  There is no help in either Memphis or Springfield.  Now is the perfect time to make a trade.  Hear that Mo?  Do it.  Yesterday.

On another front, what is up with the recent backsliding of the defense?  Granted, the team D is no where near Gold Glove caliber, heck, not even Bronze, but they had been getting better.  Three errors in Thursday night’s game, including number 15 for Ryan Theriot.  Though not scored an error, Matt Holliday made a major boo boo last night that allowed two runs to score.  Can’t keep this up guys, I gotta tell ya.  Take extra fielding practice, place a voodoo spell on your glove with a frozen chicken, but just do something.

Now for the offense.  Colby Rasmus, stop trying so hard.  You can’t please everyone.  In fact you couldn’t please some people if you found the cure for cancer, so forget about it and relax.  David Freese needs to slow down and regroup.  Albert needs to stop grounding into double plays, but what else is new.  I was glad to see Jon Jay finally take a walk last night.  I was beginning to wonder. Matt, Lance, the home runs are great, but sometimes less is more.   We love those RBI doubles too.  Everyone else,  see the ball, hit the ball.

The All Star Break is coming up.  The second half will tell the tale.  Get with it.