Pujols May Rejoin The Team Soon


Cardinals fans were in a bit of a worried spell based on the Albert Pujols wrist fracture that happened on Father’s Day. After that game we went on a big losing streak and looked to be regressing as a team. He has been slated for a return in August and the fans were becoming a little upset.

Right now the Cards are enjoying a four game win streak after sweeping the Orioles in Baltimore and last night put the Rays away in Tampa Bay. Even better, we get new today that Albert may return sooner than originally thought.

This is HUGE news for a team coming off a recent downfall. They can take this news to pick up the pace and use this as well as being back in first place as motivation going into the next few weeks.

When he actually comes back is anyones guess, but as of now his return date could be slated as early as

the All Star break. Obviously the actual All Star game he will more than likely sit out under the discretion of the team, but the very first series afterwards is in Cincinnati to take on the rival Reds.

Before the injury, Albert was quickly coming back into his own form and HRs were really starting to pick up (hell he hit one the inning right before his injury). The Cardinals getting their superstar back could again lead to that well rounded team we know they are capable of. The NL Central is going to be close enough for now, but if he comes back and goes back to the Albert of old the Redbirds could really start to run away with this division. Carpenter is coming to form, Westbrook actually looked great last night, we completed the beginning phases of bullpen renewal (dumping Franklin and Batista), and hopefully from here we can build upon the offense and starting pitching before looking to upgrade the bullpen further.

This is an exciting time in St. Louis and getting our star slugger is just that much more going forward. Get everyone playing to form and maybe pick up a few pieces to the bullpen…be afraid….be very afraid.