St. Louis Attendance Problem?


St. Louis has long been known as a baseball city. In 2010 Forbes Magazine even went as far to say they are the #10 America’s Best Sports Fans (People from STL would disagree strongly). The Cardinals have been long known for having boisterous crowds full of loud, excited fans that pack in every home game to support the club. Even when I wear some of my Cardinal gear in my new home Jackson, Mississippi do I typically get compliments and hearty reactions on peoples experience with St. Louis, Busch Stadium, and especially the fans.

Going around Spring Training this year I realized just how strong and solidified the fan base was. Roger Dean Stadium, the spring training home they share with the Florida Marlins, was packed for every game and even when we went to Lakeland to see them play the Detroit Tigers, the fans were probably split.

Their yearly attendance is nearly one million more than the NL average. In fact, the last time the Cardinals were below average was in 1995 when a league wide strike turned fans off from the game. This season….it’s starting to become another story in some peoples eyes.

This season they are taking heat for not being as supportive thus far. ESPN lists us as 7th place overall thus far in attendance with 1,112,578 and an average gate around 37,085.

This has prompted numerous outlets to question the fans support, but it’s the middle of June. The Cardinals have played less games than every other team except the Washington Nationals. The average is still a bit of a drop but still nothing to worry about. Our summers are long and hot yet still our fans come out in droves to sport their red and white and cheer on their favorite franchise.

So what could be the problem?
* Is it league wide?
* Have the fans lost interest?

Adam Rice of Fansided LLC’s official ticketing partner Seat Geek sent me some rather interesting recent statistics regarding current trends in Cardinals ticketing.

"The upcoming series with Philadelphia is commanding some of the highest ticket prices we’ve seen so far this year at Busch Stadium, averaging $53.29, with a “get in” price or low of $8. This is a 17% increase over the Cardinals’ season average of $45.71."

It fails to be seen whether this is the truly because of the Phillies coming to town or if summer is into swing, but for now the Cardinals look to finally be pulling in their numbers again and on pace to once again break the league average.

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