Back With Vengeance: The Return Of 7


Matt Holliday has had a tremendous season thus far while healthy, going 44 games with a .342 average. To all his naysayers, the production he puts up in a game is well worth the $16,317,774 he commands this season. He was even noted as saying he is willing to defer money to Albert Pujols should the need arise.

If only he can stay healthy…That is the problem at the moment.

He started opening day this season and ended up missing the next week due to an emergency appendectomy, this was a very rapid comeback. Lately he has had problems with a recurring quad injury that he cannot shake. He seemed to rush back from injury when the Cardinals were playing in Kansas City and thus ended up right back on the DL not long after with reaggravation of the exact same injury.

Tonight he comes back to the team fresh off this previous DL stint looking to rebound and pick up right where he left off. At the moment Matt Holliday is still in the running and strongly has support from league voters to send him to the All Star Game in Phoenix with teammate Lance Berkman in the outfield.

The Cardinals are on a five game skid and looking for an offensive bat to make up especially for yesterdays embarrassing 3 hit, 10-0 loss in Washington.

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