Berkman Returns to Houston


There will be many headlines today around the world of sports concerning multiple different news stories. Many important games will be played in arenas around the country, both on the ice and atop the hard court. However, of these stories, perhaps the most interesting tale will be of the Cardinals right-fielder Lance Berkman.

As the Cardinals open an important series against the Houston Astros, Lance Berkman will be paying a visit to his “old stomping grounds.” Arguably the Cardinals best slugger so far this year, Berkman is unaware of what to make of this return to his long-time home ballpark, Minute Maid Park.

With these type of situations, you hope that the fans at Minute Maid Park will repay a guy like Berkman for all of the years that he spent playing for Houston by giving him a nice ovation. Lance spent most of his career in Houston and put up the kind of numbers for the team that awarded him 5 all-star game appearances. Berkman, however, is looking at his return in a strictly professional way.

"I’m trying to look at it from [the point of view that], it’s not about me going back in there. It’s about, we’re going in there to play them. Clearly, you can see that this is going to be a competitive division. So all these games are important, and you’ve got to try to win as many as you can.-Lance Berkman"

Hopefully he gets applauded at first, but then booed after he continues the great offensive production that he has started off the year with. Going into the series opener this evening, Berkman has 6 homeruns and 15 runs batted in.

In the end though, this is about the Cardinals and the fact that they are opening up a series against a NL Central team. With the Reds hot on their tail, every game counts.