Ryan Franklin Pulled As Closer


The news that all Cardinal fans have been waiting for the last couple days, Tony LaRussa finally confirms through the St. Louis Cardinals official website that Ryan Franklin is no longer the closer, for the time being anyways. This was all announced Tuesday night while the game was waiting to start thanks to a weather delay that was holding back the scheduled 7:15 start.

The final straw came Sunday when Ryan threw a two run home run to Matt Kemp in Los Angeles to blow his fourth save this season in five opportunities.

Tony has not made it clear what his plans are regarding the position at this point. The poll I placed in a former post asked who should become the Cardinals closer going forward, and thus far our clear cut winner seems to be the consensus around the league. All sources say Mitchell Boggs looks to take over the reigns for now to see if he can fit in the role, but Tony has been quoted as saying he is not even sure what he will do, he is just going to wait and see who they think will be best suited in the situations as they occur.