Augenstein and Tallet Go On The 15 Day DL

Just when the Cardinals see their season beginning to turn around, two staples to the bullpen end up on the DL

The pitching staff was finally going to be matched by a hot batting lineup, but now it looks as if the bats may have to make up for the pitching for awhile. Bryan Augenstein and Brian Tallet go on the 15 day DL with separate injuries sustained last night in Arizona that is sure to leave a few questions in the pitching staff.

Bryan Augenstein may not have the best ERA this season (9.53 in 5.2 innings) but he is one of the Cardinals greatest prospects in the bullpen at a young 24 years of age. He was taken out of the game Tuesday night with a right groin injury and will now start his stint on the DL.

Brian Tallet is more of a seasoned veteran in the pen, and his numbers are showing this. So far pitching at a 2.08 ERA in 4.1 innings he also joins Augenstein on the 15 day DL with a fractured right hand that occurred when he collided with Stephen Drew in a play at first.

As a result, the Cardinals are turning to Fernando Salas, 25 and Eduardo Sanchez, 22 to come from Memphis and temporarily hold their spots in the meantime.