Giants 3 – Cardinals 2


In yet another WTF moment in this young season, the Cardinals blow a sure win in the bottom of the 9th to drop another tough one.

The Cardinals seemed to finally have it wrapped up, everything finally seemed to be going all right. Pitching looked great, we still didn’t put up much offense, but a win seemed inevitable.

Colby came into the 7th and belted the go ahead home run to the deepest part of the park to give the Cardinals their lead. From there this slow game looked to finally be going our way and we seemed to have the Giants number to finish the night. Garcia was pitching another great one apart from his questionable (please not injury motivated) exit, Miguel Batista relieved him and the 40 year old put on quite the show to keep the lead.

Bottom 9….Enter Ryan Franklin. He was so successful last year the Cardinals still rely on him as a crutch even though so far it’s not incredibly productive to have him out there. Recent Cardinal pariah and last years stellar closer Ryan Franklin has developed his own Brad Lidge image in this first week of the season. Aubrey Huff comes in…ground out, Buster Posey single, Pat Burrell walks, Aaron Rowand flies out, two down. This is the point you were beginning to think here it is, Franklin has took all this punishment and for what, surely he will prove himself.

Irony, thy name is Colby. Miguel Tejada smokes a fly ball to left center and Colby looks to have this one wrapped up (granted it wasn’t the easiest grab, still manageable) and he drops it allowing the final two runs to score and turn the tide for a walkoff Giants victory. Ryan Franklin looks on in disgust, finally this one wasn’t completely on him, it could be chalked up to a muffed play by Colby. It truly was a sad, pitiful way to go out.

I would say if the Cardinal staff didn’t already have their finger on the panic button, today was a swift kick in the back to get you rattled.