Cardinals 6 – Giants 1

The Cardinals finally put together their strongest showing thus far to win a good game

Matt Holliday makes his anticipated return to the Cardinal lineup and David Freese ends up being the unlikely hero of the day.

Game Recap

Far be it from me to judge David Freese, as of today, he looks like the best offensive weapon we have seen all year. Today the Cardinals win in their highest scoring affair of the season and it’s all thanks to him going 3 for 4 with 3 RBIs and a HR. For a man who typically does not have the best batting average year in and year out, today was a positive vote of confidence in his abilities.

Kyle Lohse threw a fantastic game, exactly what we expected out of him coming out of spring training, going 8 full innings while giving up 5 hits and just 1 earned run.

Hopefully taking one out of every three in a series is not what we do all season as we have thus far, but with Matt Holliday back we look to have that much needed breath of life into this team. Albert “The Double Play Machine” Pujols is the last piece we need to snap out right now. Not only has he already given up 2 errors, he is batting .143 and steadily going down. One has to think the best player in baseball, in a contract year nonetheless, will have that coming out party within the next couple days. Colby also had yet another play in center that left you scratching your head, at least this time we had the run support to make is not as costly.

Next up is a three game series in Arizona and back to So Cal to play the Dodgers to finish up this road trip.