Giants 5 – Cardinals 4 F/12

In an exciting affair, the Cardinals show signs of life and it still wasn’t enough

Complete Recap

We all knew going into this roadtrip the Cardinals needed to start bringing their A game to help turn this season around. Today they did very well to combat everything the defending champs could throw at them and they still had trouble sealing the deal.

Jake Westbrook showed signs of struggle yet again, going 5 and two thirds giving up three runs on eight hits. Aside from that, they turned this into a game come the 9th inning. Down 3-2, they managed to load the bases up and Ryan Theriot thus came in to drive in two to bring the score to 4-3.

Game over, right? Not by a long shot.

Ryan Franklin came in to wrap up what looked to be a sure Cardinals victory, but as we are beginning to learn with this club come to expect anything.

Much like the Cardinals 9th inning scoring drive, the Giants came back from being down to one last out before they were able to tie the game. Aaron Rowand singles to put that runner on base, Buster Posey walks, and Pablo Sandoval comes in to seal the deal and tie the game.

From here the Cardinals offense goes down almost 123 in every inning that follows, you knew once the game was tied a struggling offense is not exactly what you want to put out there.

Bryan Augenstein got in a bit of trouble and still looked fantastic when he intentionally loaded the bases only to strike out Mark DeRosa in the bottom of the 11th to keep the game alive.

Brian Tallet came in to pitch the 12th. The same setup occurred, bases loaded, only different result. Aaron Rowand comes in to single out to left center and finish driving the stake into the hearts of the Cardinal rally.

Not the result we were looking for indeed, but the Cardinals were showing some heart out there today. While they still struggle offensively, they should great signs of promise amongst a game where they gave up 3 errors.