Cardinals 3 – Pirates 2


The Cardinals finally showed signs of life and came from behind to beat the surging young Pirates. Kyle McClellan finally got what he has wanted since he was a little boy, he finally got the nod as the starter for his favorite team. Just like Spring Training, he came out to a strong showing, though it was a little rocky after a two run homer in the first inning to Lyle Overbay. McClellan pitched to a no decision but definitely proved himself worthy of his spot in the current rotation.

Lance Berkman came through with yet another surprisingly decent showing for those who felt he was done for. Albert Pujols finally put some points on the board (.167 batting average so far) and brought home two RBIs in his two official at bats, he drew a walk on another.

The Cardinals finally looked like a fighting team even with Holliday out and Yadier on the bench most of the game. They have now evened the series at a game a piece and look to prepare for the rubber match tomorrow, where if the Cards win could really be something for our current frustrated mentally.