Opening Day Hangover


“Did you hear they won’t be able to sell beer at Busch Stadium this year? It’s Because they lost the opener” (bu-dum-psh).

This joke was what I always dreaded hearing at the beginning of every season. Don’t get me wrong, it was always funny, but hearing the Cardinals lost to start the season on a sour note was always something I hoped never to hear from my grandpa.

Everything seemed fine in Cardinal land again on the strength of an 8th inning Matt Holliday HR to bring the score to 3-2.

Let me set the mood….9th inning….2 outs…..BOOM!! Cameron Maybin (the man they were just saying earlier in that game had all this potential but could never quite pull the trigger in clutch situations) hits a HR to centerfield right over Colby’s head to tie the game at 3.

Cardinals nation was indeed somber as there was for sure premature celebration for the team we all continually have faith in that the league seems to cast out since the emergence of the Reds and Brewers.

Watching the game go through extra innings you had faith they could somehow turn it around, but alas, stupid mistakes lost the opener and brought the game to a 5-3 final in 11.

What does this mean? The Cardinals have a lot of promise amongst the injuries they are currently plagued with, sure. Unfortunately, Albert “The Machine” Pujols didn’t exactly have his best outing and ended his day much like his stat line for the spring and now Matt Holliday is out indefinitely thanks to an appendectomy he underwent earlier today.

Oh how frustrating it is to once again see your team with all this talent and still committing simple errors to cost them the game. I know Opening Day is not a huge deal in regards to the standings, but you know at some point it has to affect overall morale. Tony sure has his work cut out for him this year, hopefully now he decides to start seeking solice in some of that young talent we have waiting in Memphis.