Let the March Madness Begin

By Editorial Staff

With the Cardinals having played their first summer league game in the Grapefruit league earlier today, things are finally beginning to come together. After blogging hopelessly for months now about every minor tidbit of off-season news, it finally seems like the regular season is upon us. The only thing left in between the Cardinals and the 2011 campaign is the month of March. Buckle down, St. Louis fans, because we are in for a little bit of March madness.

In the next month, many things will be decided. The starting lineup, the final roster, and most of all, the starting rotation. Someone needs to fill the big shoes of Adam Wainwright, and someone will.

In the next month, there will also be countless spring training games. The Cardinals will be playing many games, almost one a day in the next month. Different pitchers will be tried, position players tested, and lineups examined. Although the Cardinals lost their opening game today to the Marlins, this first game can’t truly tell us much about the upcoming season. If anything, let us hope that it means Lance Berkman is ready and willing to follow through on his countless promises to have a big year. If you missed the recap, Berkman homered in his first at bat today.

Hopefully we will have lots of exciting March news to report about coming out of Cardinals camp in Jupiter, Florida. Before long, the MLB will usher in a new season of warm temperatures, cracker jacks, and national pastime.