Pujols and Wainwright


I’m sure we can all agree that most major stories that make the evening news are generally negative ones. There was a shooting here or a drunk driver there. But when it comes to sports related information, most of us hope to be saved from this negativity and instead hear some positive insight about our teams. Unfortunately for St. Louis fans, this last part of the off-season has been anything but positive.

It’s usually a good thing when important Cards such as Pujols and Wainwright get a lot of national attention. In the past few weeks, however, team news has brought nothing but distress in the form of question marks to Redbird nation.

How will the Cardinals’ pitching staff bounce back from the loss of Wainwright?

Will the Pujols issue really not be a distraction at all in 2011, especially as the season winds down this September?

And if Wainwright has Tommy John’s surgery, will the loss of revenue that the Cardinals’ ace brings provide DeWitt and Mozeliak even less wiggle room for Pujols negotiations next off-season?

These are the million dollar questions Cards fans. The future looks grim. How will the Cardinals ever find solutions to these impossible scenarios?

But on the other hand, perhaps the night is darkest just before the dawn…and we’re just in the middle of a very, very long winter night.