Late yesterday came word that Albert Pujols had rejected the first offer the Cardinals had made to him, which, of course, set off the fans into a tailspin of panic.

Nobody seems to know the content of the offer, except that the team did not want to go beyond six or seven years. Pujols is believed to want a ten year deal.

Apparently the media found out about Pujols’ rejection of the offer because his agent, Dan Lozano, told several major league owners that the Cardinals had “no chance” to sign the first baseman to a contract before free agency. If this story is true, then the following things are true:

1. Pujols will hit free agency and probably not sign with the Cardinals, unless the team does something really dumb financially. Cards fans had better brace themselves for this eventuality.

2. Lozano is a money-grubbing cheat who has disrespected this franchise and the process of good-faith negotiations. While the team has done what it could to comply with Pujols’ media blackout, Lozano’s strutting around MLB and crowing about the availability of his expensive client. It’s revolting.

3. Pujols is a liar and a religious phony. It’s “not about the money,” right Albert? It’s “about the team” I think he said at one time. But, in reality, it’s about Albert and his titanic ego. I don’t have a problem with Pujols becoming the highest-paid player in the game. I’m sure the team made an offer that essentially did that – for a time. But Pujols wants all of that money every year for ten years, a ridiculous contract that almost no team in baseball can accomodate.  He wants to have a contract that puts all other contracts to shame in order to satisfy his own self-interests and value in comparison to other ballplayers. Sounds just like Jesus, doesn’t he?

At this point, Bill DeWitt and the organization need to walk away from Pujols and let them try their hand at the free agent market. Pujols’ ego and the scummy tactics of his agent are too much of a distraction for any ballclub.