The Reality of the Albert Pujols Contract Situation


At this point, you’ve probably heard just about every bit of information available about Albert Pujols and his current contract predicament with the St. Louis Cardinals. Sports writers, analysts, and fans have all offered their two cents. Statistics have been reviewed, economics have been theorized, and of course, predictions for the future have been made without hesitation.

There are so many factors at play in a situation like this that it can become difficult to keep up with. The entire baseball world is focused solely on St. Louis and the game’s best player, which is why this whole thing is so special. We may be on the verge of witnessing MLB history, but for now, we wait and speculate, and wait some more. After all, that’s the only thing we can do.

I am beginning to get the sense that everyone is ready for these negotiations to come to a final conclusion. Redbird fans just want answers. As more time passes, St. Louis grows increasingly concerned and frustrated. I know I certainly can’t wait for the day that I can write about some actual news on the Pujols front.

So, for a nice little change of pace, let’s take a look at the perspectives of a pair of experts. Check out these links to two of my favorite baseball writers, Jayson Stark and Tom Verducci. Stark, in this SportsCenter interview, seems to have little doubt that a deal will be reached before the spring training deadline. Verducci, on the other hand, has a hard time seeing a deal reached that would allow the Cardinals to maintain their current level of competitiveness moving forward. Trust me, these guys know what they’re talking about. It’s worth your while to listen to what they have to say.

Jayson Stark Perspective

Tom Verducci/Colin Cowherd Perspective