Welcome Ray, Dave, and Dan to the Redbird Rants staff


It’s nearly been a year since I joined FanSided and took over Redbird Rants. In that time, I have watched the site grow and gain a small readership. It has been a great experience since day one last January. After spending the first six months building the site alone, Alex joined me in July. Now, we have added three writers to share the experience with and to help cover all things Cardinals moving forward.

In the past few weeks, Ray DeRousse, Dave Bolger, and Dan Kienzle have made their first posts on RR. They all bring different styles and perspectives, making for some interesting discussions already. Their content has been great so far and as we work more together, the site will only get better With a full staff, the site will strive to become one of the best Cards blogs on the Web.

So, be sure to check out their posts in the new year and beyond and welcome them to RR. Learn more about Ray, Dave, and Dan after the jump.

Ray DeRousse, contributing writer

Ray is a graduate of UM – St. Louis with a B.A. in English. In addition to baseball and beer, Ray loves pop culture to the point that he devotes time as the creator and webmaster of The Rec Showand Celebrity Freakshow, two sites devoted to all of the wonders of celebrity culture. He has written for several respected movie websites, including Obsessed With Film.

The old dog on the staff, his first Cardinals memories involved the 1982 World Series championship season and their unlikely victory against Harvey’s Wallbangers from Milwaukee. The eighties teams form the basis of Ray’s baseball outlook, which favored aggressive and confident play with mixed with true athleticism across the spectrum of the game. Ray once enjoyed the Tony La Russa managerial style, but now is one of his most ardent critics. Ray invites everyone out to a bar for drinks the day La Russa finally retires. Until then, Ray looks forward to a daily conversation about our beloved Redbirds. You can find him on Facebook by clicking here.

Dave Bolger, contributing writer

Dave is a die-hard Cardinals fan born and raised in NY. When he’s not watching or reading about the Cardinals, Dave works at an advertising agency (although he reads about the Cards there also) where he specializes in understanding how people interact with media. Outside of baseball, Dave is a true NY sports fan. He’s also a former rugby player and is always ready to discuss rucks and mauls.

Dan Kienzle, contributing writer

Dan lives in Chalfont, Pa., where he attends Central Bucks South High School.  He is a junior and plays soccer for the Titans. Ever since he was a kid, he has had a passion for sports. He grew up playing travel basketball, baseball, and soccer. Despite only playing these sports, he has always had an appreciation for all sports. He is a big fan of the MLB, NFL, NHL, and college basketball. Dan now plays high school soccer for the South Titans. He see Redbird Rants as a great opportunity to get my foot in the door of the world of sports, and he’s strongly considering pursuing a career in sports writing or broadcasting.