Sizing up NL Triple Crown race: Pujols, Votto, CarGo, and the X-Factor


The Triple Crown race is looking like the last chance for glory in 2010 for Cardinals fans. While team success is always of paramount importance, watching Albert Pujols chase the Triple Crown is exciting. The Cards are running out of time and falling farther in the standings every day. It doesn’t look good for this team. After a back-and-forth fight with Cincinnati all year, St. Louis is close to waving the white flag after a horrendous stretch to end August. Yes, the dog days of August proved to be too much for the Redbirds. September will need a miracle.

A Triple Crown winner won’t. Maybe a little luck, but far from a miracle. Albert Pujols, Joey Votto, and Carlos Gonzalez all have realistic chances to make history.

Andrew Kahn of The Sports Journalists recently asked me to give my thoughts on the race, specifically on Pujols.

Kahn put together an in-depth piece with historical background, insights from other writers, and the key players in the race. It’s a great read that hits every key angle of the Triple Crown.

Find out who the X-Factor in the race is in the complete story.

Andrew Kahn has written for various publications such as, Basketball Times Online and He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and does a great job with his site, which covers various stories in national sports. Follow him on Twitter @JournalistSport.