Pujols remembers where he came from

By Editorial Staff

Albert Pujols may have millions of dollars and a mantel full of shiny trophies today, but the superstar slugger has remained grounded through it all. His loyalty to his country and family come before the game and that attitude has made Pujols the hero and role model that he is. Some stars forget their roots with success. They let their egos grow every day and soon, they’re too good for their hometown. But Pujols remains connected to his roots. He sees the small details that make up the big picture. His homeland and his family is more responsible for his success than anything. Pujols and every other star owe a lot to that support.

It was in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic that Albert started dreaming about the big leagues. It was there that his imagination took flight and he found his love for the game. Without it, his career wouldn’t have been possible.

Let’s take a drive through his hometown for some inspiration.

Video idea courtesy STLRedbirds.com

-Albert’s story made me think about the World Cup and its importance to pride in country. Story on the World Cup above or front page.