Pujols, Garcia lead Redbird Rants All-Stars

By Editorial Staff

The Call to the Pen “Hey Now, You’re an All-Star” series looks at the most worthy players from each team to go to Los Angeles in July. The Cards pitching staff has been outstanding and Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright certainly have the numbers to get an invite. But my pick for to represent the Cards pitching staff is a young rookie that has turned plenty of heads so far with his sub-2.00 ERA. Offensively, Colby Rasmus and Ryan Ludwick have done fine jobs for the Redbirds, but all in the support of the man that makes it all go.

My thoughts after the jump.

Well, I’d love to be original but once again, Albert Pujols is the man in baseball. Yes, even after his horrible May in which he hit 0.256 with only one home run, Pujols is an All-Star. We saw Pujols at a new low. And that low shows how great he is. Somehow, after looking human for a month and showing some frustration, he is hitting 0.308, is tied for 2nd in the NL with 15 home runs, and his 49 RBI rank 3rd in the NL. Pujols truly is beyond baseball. During his forgettable May, he wondered why there were cries that the sky was falling.

"“Obviously, I spoil you guys too much hitting .350 every month and hitting a bunch of home runs with a bunch of RBIs,” Pujols said. “Obviously it’s not where you want it 100 percent, but when you do feel 100 percent in this game ever?”"

Albert, you do spoil us. And the slump only magnified it. You’re still leading the National League in BB, OBP, and Total Bases while hitting over 0.300. If that’s failing, then we’d all love to be in your shoes.

If the best player in baseball wasn’t in St. Louis, I would give the All-Star nod to Jaime Garcia. I expect he’ll get an invitation to Anaheim after his sparkling first half. The rookie deserves to be rewarded for his performance. Forget about reputation and tradition, this young lefty is making a name for himself. Ubaldo Jimenez has the baseball world mesmerized with his 1.16 ERA and otherworldly fastball. Who’s second? Garcia with a 1.59 ERA. He has been consistent all year giving the Redbirds quality starts. So, this rookie should be off to California in July for some mid-season fun.