Pujols and La Russa have heated argument in dugout


"Hitless in the Angels series, Albert Pujols appears to be frustrated. The three-time NL Most Valuable Player became visibly irritated when, with the Cardinals leading the Los Angeles Angels by four runs, Ryan Ludwick was thrown out trying to steal second to end the inning with Pujols at the plate. Pujols flipped his bat and helmet as he returned to the dugout then smacked two trays of gum from a bench against the Cardinals dugout wall. La Russa reprimanded Pujols, saying, “That’s enough.” Pujols responded and, according to eyewitnesses, the exchange escalated with La Russa telling Pujols at one point, “I (expletive) know how to manage.” The outburst was the second involving Pujols in as many days.St. Louis Post-Dispatch"

Pujols and La Russa downplayed Friday’s exchange and said it’s over. It’s hard to argue La Russa’s side of the argument. Pujols has been struggling and it wouldn’t hurt to get a man in scoring position for him to try to add to the lead. The Cards had a comfortable lead and I don’t have a problem with the manager being aggressive. The incident is no big deal. Pujols is upset with his performance this month and needed something to take out his frustration on. Baseball is a frustrating game even for a guy as talented as Pujols. It’s going to get the best of everyone at some point during the year. Right now, it’s getting the best of Pujols and his manager. The Cardinals are feeling some pressure as the Cincinnati Reds keep pace with them in the standings. The Cards are still trying to find their rhythm as a team heading into June. It’s frustrating for the club who was supposed to run away with the division.