Stan Musial’s 14th Inning Stretch: Extras in St. Louis, Garcia impressive


The Cardinals and Mets are battling it out in the 16th inning right now. We have an instant classic on our hands. Both starters were spectacular. Jaime Garcia had a no hitter through five innings until Angel Pagan broke it up in the sixth. Garcia finished his night in seven innings and allowed just that single hit. On the other side, Johan Santana went seven and struck out nine. The bats didn’t come alive when the bullpens came out as we sit at a deadlock at Busch. It’s a good sign for St. Louis whose bullpen had been a major cause for concern. Now, they’ll be drained for the upcoming week. Still, it’s always fun to be a part of these extra inning marathons from time to time. At the plate, the most interesting stat of the night comes from Mr. Pujols. He has walked four times! The Mets are going to make someone else beat them tonight. The next hit may end it, so stay tuned for tonight’s recap. Here’s some pictures from the game.