St. Louis vs. Cincinnati Game 2: Waino takes the mound, Reds tweak lineup


The St. Louis Cardinals are back at it after a day off following the Opening Day festivities Monday. It was quite a party for the Redbirds, who beat up on Cincinnati with an Opening Day record four home runs. The Cardinals have its sights set on a second consecutive win, while the Reds hope to even the win-loss column and join St. Louis in the early NL Central standings. The Cards have the edge on the mound again tonight with Adam Wainwright taking the ball. He will face a slightly different lineup than Monday’s version as Dusty Baker experiments early in the season. Drew Stubbs will bat leadoff and Jonny Gomes will bat seventh. Stubbs is a top prospect in his first full season with the club after 42 games in Cincy in 2009. He hit 8 home runs and was a top player for national powerhouse Texas in college. This edition of Horns Illustrated dubbed him “The Natural.”

The lineup cards for tonight’s 6:10 CDT game look like this:


1. Schumaker 2B

2. Ryan SS

3. Pujols 1B

4. Holliday LF

5. Rasmus CF

6. Ludwick RF

7. Molina C

8. Freese 3B

9. Wainwright P


1. Stubbs CF

2. Cabrera SS

3. Votto 1B

4. Phillips 2B

5. Rolen 3B

6. Bruce RF

7. Gomes LF

8. Hernandez C

9. Cueto P

Enjoy the game and be sure to stop by for my post-game thoughts and analysis.