Can Albert Pujols reach 60 home runs in 2010?


Albert Pujols stole the show today — then again, he usually is the show so “stole” might not be the right word. It’s baseball season, and that means a full summer of watching Albert do his thing again. He wasted no time today, hitting this blast and another later in the game. With two homers in the books, I started to wonder if this is the year Pujols challenges the record books. He constantly hits .330 with 40 homers and 120 RBIs, but could he be primed for a historic season in 2010. Could he challenge the sacred home run record. And by sacred, I mean Roger Maris’ record of 61. With Mac watching from the dugout, could Albert capture baseball’s imagination and put on an even bigger show in Busch this year? It may be early, but Pujols is that good. His career high is 49, so it would be a challenge, but I wouldn’t be surprised by anything No. 5 does now. So, what do you think? 40? 70? Will Albert make a run at the record this year? Weigh in below and leave your thoughts.