Cardinals Fans: Get Ready for another season of St. Louis baseball


With Derek Jeter’s groundout to short, the 2010 MLB season is officially underway as the Yanks and Sox go at it again. With another season beginning, it should be another reminder that Cards fans are among the best baseball has to offer. Matt Holliday and his teammates think so. Get ready for another season of excitement and support in the sea of red at Busch Stadium. I hope you join me here at Redbird Rants for my first season covering Cardinals baseball. I have enjoyed my first few months on the job during the offseason, but now the real fun begins. During the season, I will work extremely hard to make Redbird Rants one of the best in the Cardinals blogosphere. I hope you come out and support me from time to time; let’s make our own sea of red here on the site.

With the focus on the fans, I would like to remind you guys about my fan profile project. I have done three thus far and I thank Robert, Joel, and Kent for taking the time to participate. If you or a friend would be interested in being featured on the site at any point, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me at This blog is for your entertainment, so I’m always open to your thoughts and opinions.

Now, enjoy this season of Cardinals baseball and show everyone why Cards fans are the best.

“Play Like A Cardinal”