Joe Mauer hits his first homer at Target Field as Twins beat Cards


Joe Mauer went yard today at the Twins new stadium, Target Field, to help the Twins beat the Cardinals 8-3. The reigning MVP with the brand new contract hit one of six home runs in two games this weekend at the new field.

Could we be looking at another bam box like the new Yankee Stadium?

It is unlikely, but the Twins are still learning how to play in its new home. The wind is an interesting factor, but overall, the weather was nice for baseball this early in the season.

With the warm-up in the north in the books, Spring Training is now officially over for the Cards. The team is on its way to Cincy to open up the season on Monday.

In the last game of the preseason, David Freese homered and Albert Pujols went 1 for 3 at the dish. It was a relatively quiet day for the Redbirds at the plate.

On the mound, Jaime Garcia failed to keep pace with his blistering spring. The lefty struggled through 5.1 innings and gave up four runs on eight hits. He also had four strikeouts and no walks, so it wasn’t all bad news for the youngster. He will now regroup and prepare for his first start some time in the next week.

The day belonged to Joe Mauer, who hit a bomb into center field in the spruce trees planted out there. The Twins also took its first batting practice for the fans to enjoy. It was a great two days for Minnesotans to get a sneak peak at the new ballpark.

Overall, I give the new park two thumbs up. No, I wasn’t there and I’ve only seen pictures, but my reason is simple: baseball is meant to be played outside and on grass.

Dick Allen may have said it best, “If horses can’t eat it, I don’t want to play on it.”

It will be better for the players and the fans this way; Minnesota can now enjoy a great baseball experience. We can worry about the cold Novembers later on.

(Cool video with scene from Target Field during University of Minnesota game there)